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Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 13

See Sunday's five most valuable players here.

Rex Grossman(notes), Quarterback, Washington Redskins. The Redskins quarterback situation is worse than that of the Texans, Colts or Dolphins, despite those three teams all suffering catastrophic quarterback injuries, while the Redskins have chosen their exact situation and "enjoyed" good health at the position all year. Rex's performance Sunday is about as bad as a quarterback can play without throwing interceptions. He didn't have one until Hail Mary time, when he threw this beauty.

Brandon Pettigrew(notes), Tight End, Detroit Lions. The Ndamukong Suh arm-stomp should have been, far and away, the most disturbing thing a Detroit Lion did all year. Instead, it's now somewhere in the top three along with this nonsense, and now Brandon Pettigrew putting his hands on an official. It's not a terribly violent act, obviously -- what's shocking is how innocuous and common the contact was between Pettigrew and Roman Harper. That tiny little bit of shoving is enough to send Pettigrew to a point where he can't stop himself from shoving an official? My goodness. Get the net.

Caleb Hanie(notes), Quarterback, Chicago Bears. In his two weeks as a starter, that's six interceptions for Hanie now. And this week, he didn't even bother with the touchdown passes. And if Matt Forte's(notes) out for a couple of weeks, the running game takes a hit, and Hanie's asked to do more? Bad news. The Bears are 0-2 now since Jay Cutler(notes) went down, and next week, they get the Broncos, who evidently cannot be beaten, barring some sort of deal with the prince of darkness himself. Even then, I think I'd bet on Tebow.

DeAngelo Hall(notes), Cornerback, Washington Redskins. The Jets line up here with Shonn Greene taking a direct snap and Mark Sanchez split out at wide receiver. Even if it's not clear that Greene will be running the ball before the snap, it becomes evident soon after. "Defender" DeAngelo Hall, set to be "blocked" by Mark Sanchez(notes), watches this all happen without even bothering to take a step towards Shonn Greene(notes), who is even running in his direction. Either Hall couldn't beat the extreme physicality of a Mark Sanchez block, thought maybe Shonn Greene still might throw the ball despite being in a full running stride and well past the line of scrimmage, or he just could not possibly care less.

Matt Ryan(notes), Quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. He was facing a pretty good defense and his receivers didn't do him a lot of favors, either, but Matt Ryan's got to be better than that. He had two early interceptions and completed just 20 of his 47 attempts. Every other NFC wild-card contender lost, so the Falcons had an opportunity to grab a real advantage. This seems like a game that Matt Ryan should be winning by now.

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