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Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 8

See Sunday's five most valuable players here.

Tim Tebow(notes), Quarterback, Denver Broncos. It's just a thought, but given what we saw in the Dolphins/Giants game Sunday, maybe last week's Broncos win was more indicative of the Dolphins inability to close than it was of a magic quarterback. Tebow's going to take enough of a beating on Sunday and Monday; and I don't feel like adding to that more than I already have. And it's important to remember that none of this is a referendum of the career of Tim Tebow. The fact is, though, that right now, the man's been dropped into a situation he's not ready for -- he's not accurate enough, and he does not make reads quickly. Making things worse, there's not nearly enough help around him.

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Olindo Mare(notes), Kicker, Carolina Panthers. I don't like giving these spots to kickers, but I really wanted that Minnesota vs. Carolina game to go to overtime, and that was a 31-yarder. No one asked Olindo Mare to make a 59-yarder in a tornado. It was still an excellent game, and I shouldn't complain, but ending on a Mare shank was so anti-climactic, with two dynamic rookie quarterbacks playing so well. Zero interceptions in this game. This should've ended with either Christian Ponder(notes) or Cam Newton(notes) leading a game-winning drive in overtime.

Chris Johnson, Running Back, Tennessee Titans. On the same day against the same defense, Chris Johnson and Javon Ringer(notes) each carried the ball exactly 14 times. Chris Johnson traveled 34 yards with the pigskin. Javon Ringer, 60. I realize that it's not that simple, but it's also getting harder and harder to accept that there's nothing different about Chris Johnson, too.

Kevin Kolb(notes), Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals.  When your team blows a 24-3 lead, the defense deserves some blame, too -- especially whoever it was that was asking A.J. Jefferson(notes) to cover Anquan Boldin(notes) -- but what exactly has Kevin Kolb done for anyone in Arizona? Honestly, how much better off are the Cardinals when compared to the Anderson/Skelton/Hall days of last year? Kolb was 10 of 21 for 153 yards on Sunday, which puts his rating down in the Tarvaris Jackson(notes)/Matt Moore range.

Offensive Line, Washington Redskins. Answer me this, Redskins: How is John Beck(notes) supposed to shine when he's getting sacked nine times? How dare you gentlemen deprive the great nation of Canada of getting to see John Beck do what John Beck does? They give us Bryan Adams, and this is how you repay them? The 'Skins line is an injury-ravaged unit, and it wasn't just the failure of one or two people -- it was all the way around, both left and right sides, and they were just atrocious in recognizing and picking up blitzes.

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