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With the self-proclaimed tandem of Batman and Robin (Terrell Owens(notes) and Chad Ochocinco(notes)) on the other side of the field from Steve Johnson(notes) on Sunday, the Buffalo Bills' third-year receiver said he was going to play the role of The Joker.

To hammer home the point, Johnson wrote the most famous quote from Heath Ledger's character in "The Dark Knight" on his T-shirt before taking the field, with plans to display it after his first touchdown. Good thing for Johnson that he scored three on the day:

In case you're unfamiliar with Christopher Nolan's film, that says "why so serious?"

Johnson raised his shirt after his first touchdown. At the time, such a demonstrative act appeared to be a bit bold, seeing as how the Bills were still down 10 points. But Johnson backed up his bravado by catching two more TDs en route to a Buffalo comeback victory. In the team's 49-31 win, Johnson finished with eight catches for 137 yards and those three scores.

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Johnson will likely get a fine for his homage to the villain from "The Dark Knight," but at least he wrote only three words on a T-shirt. Imagine the fine Roger Goodell would have handed out if Johnson painted his face, put a pencil through a bad guy's eye or began his postgame interview with "do you want to know how I got these scars?"

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