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We've all seen soccer or hockey players accidentally score an own goal, usually on a fluke deflection or errant clearing pass. Basketball players sometimes get unlucky too and make a basket for the wrong team. Heck, Jim Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings once returned a fumble into the wrong end zone. But this I've never seen.

In a semi-pro football game last week, Mauriece McIver of the Las Vegas Cobras made a clean, open-field tackle on a punt returner. The only problem? The guy he tackled was on his own team:

You may see players in the same uniform run into each other or accidentally trip someone or inadvertently bring someone down in a scrum, but I can't remember ever seeing a guy seek out his teammate and bring him down like McIver did.

In his defense, he wasn't helped by the fact that the two teams were each wearing dark jerseys. Still, that doesn't excuse McIver from not remembering that he was supposed to be blocking, not tackling. Even if the teams were wearing the exact same things, players on the return team still should know not to tackle anyone, least of all the guy with the ball.

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