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If Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder wants Michael Vick(notes), then he's going to get Michael Vick. So if the rumors are true and Vick was indeed in the Washington area last night, it wouldn't be surprising if Vick was wearing burgundy and gold by the time training camp starts on Thursday. (Even if Vinny Cerrato says it's not happening. Actually, especially if Vinny Cerrato says it's not happening.)

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog compiled a few links this morning that touch on the suddenly-scalding Vick-to-Skins rumors. One of which was a Tweet from Chris Cooley's(notes) brother that asked why Vick was seen near Redskins Park last night. Another was a thinly-sourced item from PFT (are there any other kind?) that said there are "subtle indications" that the Redskins are interested in Vick. (I may call shenanigans on that one, as the Redskins front office usually has the subtlety of a jackhammer.) Not exactly concrete stuff, but interesting nonetheless.

As a Redskins fan, I'm reacting calmly to the news even as I still try to hold out hope that this is much ado about nothing. But if Vick was actually in town last night to talk to the team, that's not a good sign for those who don't want to see the quarterback and his media circus roll into town.

The only time Snyder doesn't get what he wants is when he's rebuffed. Usually it's by coaches who don't want to interview (Bill Cowher) or by teams that won't accept trades (proposed deals for Lance Briggs(notes), Chad Johnson, Jay Cutler(notes) and Mark Sanchez(notes) were all turned down). Rarely is there a player available that Snyder shows interest in that doesn't immediately sign with the team.

There are plenty of reasons the Redskins should have no interest in Michael Vick, which is precisely why they probably do.   

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