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Matt Leinart's(notes) a talented young quarterback who really wants to get on the field, but as is the case with many young players, there's an established veteran standing in his way.

For Leinart, that veteran happens to be Kurt Warner(notes), who took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl last season. How does Leinart rise up and overcome? Well, he can either outperform Warner on the field (which hasn't yet worked), or he can get in the octagon with vicious death machine Jay Glazer, learn to fight, and he can kill Warner with his bare hands (though I'm sure Warner could hold his own in a Jesus Didn't Tap shirt).

Leinart is indeed going through some MMA training, but I don't think it's for the purpose of beating Kurt Warner to a pulp. He's doing it to strengthen his body and his mind, and he seems to be taking it quite seriously.

I give Leinart a lot of credit. He's challenging himself in a new way, and it looks like he's working pretty damn hard at it. There's no way a guy could go through training like that and not come out of it a better athlete on the other end, both mentally and physically. Seriously, good for him.

Also, I believe this marks the first time that an elite professional athlete has gone to a reporter for help with bettering himself physically. I'm pretty sure no one's ever gone up to Chris Mortensen and said, "Mort, how can I get fierce like you?" I don't think a lot of guys are knocking on Peter King's door and asking him for tips on core strength.

Jay Glazer's a trendsetter, though. He's called action for Affliction, EliteXC, and Pride, and apparently, he's done some fighting himself. Before it's all said and done, maybe he'll also become one of the reasons that Matt Leinart was a successful quarterback in the NFL.

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