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I may be the wrong person to be posting this, as I do not find the notion of an obnoxious, rubbing-it-in Jets fan being harmed displeasing in any way. Still, a good "someone gets thrown out of the stadium" video is always fun, right? This one's rather unique, too.

(NOTE: There's some not-safe-for-work language in here, including a couple of f-bombs.)

I have never seen opposing fans stick up for a fan of the other team, especially one who was taunting them unmercifully. There it is, though. At least a handful of Chargers fans arguing with police about removing a Jets fan from the stadium. Remarkable, and kudos to those fans.

I can't say I'd have been as kind. I'd have stood there saying things like, "Officer, if I take that guy's camera, will you use your nightstick?" or "You guys should have been here earlier when that guy said 'Cop Killer' by Ice-T was his favorite song."

I kid, I kid. The fans who stood up for the guy's right to cheer, even though they might not have liked it, are to be commended.

On the cops, I won't pass any judgment because I wasn't there and I don't know what happened. If the cops believed this guy was inciting people, and they asked him to stop, and he disobeyed them, then maybe it's not quite as bad as it looks. The fact that Chargers fans in the area were standing up for the guy, though, speaks volumes.

Gracias, CageWriter (and thanks for your support anyway, Chuck Liddell).

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