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The Bucs announced earlier in the week that Brian Griese would be starting under center for them this week against the Falcons. It seemed like the reasoning for it was an ankle injury to Jeff Garcia, but now, there might be more to it than that. Like Jeff Garcia and Jon Gruden hating each other.

But now, Garcia says the ankle's no big deal

“I feel like it is heeling up fast. It was one of those things where I just rolled my ankle unfortunately it was stiff on Monday. It got better as the week has progressed. It is at a point now where I feel like if I was the starter I would’ve been able to practice yesterday and today.

“I’ve played through a lot worse before and that is not anything new. Everybody in this locker room is going to play through some nicks, some pain, and some sort of injury. That is just the way that this game is and I don’t expect anything less. I feel like there are some things that I can definitely play through.”

So why isn't he playing this weekend? Couldn't tell you. It seems like the Bucs would just rather start Griese, though no one's referring to Garcia as being "benched."

Pro Football Talk, however, has gone so far as to report that the Bucs are trying to trade Garcia for a bottle of laundy detergent and that Garcia and Gruden are "ready to kill each other."

Pats, Chiefs or Vikings ... any interest?

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