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A couple of weeks ago, Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell(notes) turned some heads in a positive way when he announced that he and the Raiders receivers would be conducting their own private little mini-camp away from the rest of the team.

It was seen as a positive sign for the young signal-caller, as his work ethic and leadership abilities had been major question marks to this point in his young career.

And then, on Sunday, this item appeared in Mike Lombardi’s column at the National Football Post:

The work ethic of quarterback JaMarcus Russell is still being questioned by many who have worked with him in the past and are working with him now. After he issued a call to his teammates to practice and finish the OTA days strong, he then disappeared and was AWOL on the last day.

That last day was “voluntary,” of course, so Russell technically didn’t break any team rules. Except, that is, the unwritten rule that says you can’t tell other people how hard to work unless you plan on working that hard yourself.

Maybe Russell had a perfectly good excuse for missing the last day. I don’t know. Still, if I were a Raiders fan, I’d be concerned, while sitting around on house arrest, about the report that people who work with with Russell every day still question his work ethic.

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