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Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young(notes), who somehow managed to rebuild himself into a quality quarterback, has now turned his attention to helping rebuild the city of Nashville.

Along with the deaths of 29 people, the brutal flood has, for many Nashvillians, wiped out everything. The mayor says that the damages in Nashville alone will be well over $1 billion. A lot of people down there -- the fortunate ones who are still in homes -- are still without power.

So the area needs a lot of help. And Vince Young is doing something. He wants you to donate $100 to the cause and in return he'll give you an autographed Pro Bowl photo and a Reebok "Reebuild" T-shirt. Click right here to go do it.

Here's VY's statement from his website:

"Nashville has taken a beating from Mother Nature and the damage is unbelievable. People have lost their lives, their homes and their businesses. Billions of dollars in damage hit Middle Tennessee in just two days. We will rebuild stronger than before and we will take care of those most effected in our community. Nashville will be so beautiful again! Thank you for your support and prayers."

This is a great thing for Vince Young. He's got a sense of the bigger world around him, and he again feels like enough of a leader -- not just for the Titans, but for the community -- that it's his place to step up and offer some help. That can't be anything but a good thing for Vince Young, and by extension, the Tennessee Titans.

I know times are tight for a lot of people, but if you can spare the coin, I hope you'll join me in donating. If you can't, there is one other way you can help.

You can win the following Shutdown Corner Sweepstakes! To enter, all you have to do is email me something nice. It doesn't even have to be nice, really ... just something that isn't hateful. Even that, on most days, would be a really, really nice change of pace for me. The link to email me is over there on the right side of the page. Give it a shot. Let's see if it's possible.

The author of one nice email will be selected, and I will donate to Vince Young's cause in your honor and send you the autographed Vince Young picture and the T-shirt. Then you can go right back to emailing me terrible, hateful things.

Best of luck with the Shutdown Corner Sweepstakes!, and good for you, Vince Young. Thanks for making this happen.

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