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In every single previous edition of "Cry, Whine and Moan," the Lions have been one of the teams on the list. They were a mainstay. They were the very foundation of this year-and-a-half old feature.


Not on Matthew Stafford's(notes) watch. Not when a guy like Jim Zorn is out there saying, "No thank you, we don't like points." Not on this day.

There were some pretty sad sacks this week. Cleveland, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Washington, of course ... but I don't feel like harping on anyone's feebleness this evening. Today is for the underdog. Today's for the sad little guy who normally couldn't pry himself off a list like this with a crowbar.

If you're a fan of one of the aforementioned teams, you can still use this as a place to vent your frustrations. Please feel welcome to do that. But for this week only, we're suspending the "no taunting" rule. Lions fans can taunt anyone they want. They've earned that.

All the people out there who stuck with the Lions, in spite of what William Clay Ford and Matt Millen had done to them ... this post is for you.

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