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We've detailed the Tampa Buccaneers' problems both running and stopping the run before; it's one reason the team drafted two defensive tackles (Oklahoma's Gerald McCoy(notes) and UCLA's Brian Price(notes)) with their first two picks in 2010. Additionally, head coach Raheem Morris has bashed running back Derrick Ward for his weight, and called out defensive end Stylez G. White(notes) for his lax practice habits. This seems to be an overly harsh reaction to a guy who changed his name in honor of the movie "Teen Wolf," but no matter. Coach Morris needs to get his point across.

Just in case Morris can't motivate his current team to help bring the Bucs back to the glory days of Warrick Dunn(notes), Warren Sapp(notes) and Derrick Brooks(notes) (and I certainly wish him luck in that endeavor), it seems as if the Bucs have a backup plan. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday, Tampa Bay sent out a very different scheme at the two-minute warning near the end of the first half.

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While I'll give the Bucs points for dialing up potential distractions with this, I'm not sure what the Competition Committee will have to say about the "5-4-3-2-1" offense under any circumstances. And I'm pretty sure there are going to be flags for too many ladies on the field, though I fail to see anything wrong with that concept. Nice move to the 8-7 front near the end, as well -- you have to like their ability to switch things up. Still, this seems like a better defensive front to me.

And it should provide a snappy retort the next time coach Morris tells his players that they hit like girls...

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