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ESPN, because they're in dire need of a 892nd football analyst, is hopeful of convincing the oft-retired Brett Favre to join their crew. Someone's got to fulfillify Emmitt Smith's recently-deported shoes. From Michael Hiestand's sports television column at USA Today:

Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, says ESPN hopes to meet with Favre next month: "He's a funny, dynamic guy and would add to anybody's coverage."

Maybe so, but someone should warn Brett about what's waiting for him if he does take a job in Bristol. Chris Berman constantly leaning over the wall of Favre's cubicle saying things like, "You know, Brett, I really like the way those Wranglers hang on you," or "Brett, would you mind bending over and picking up my stapler for me? I seem to have dropped it again. WOOP!" Or Tony Kornheiser stopping him in the hallways, saying, "Hey Brett, why don't you drop by my office sometime, and we'll stare at each other's chest hair?"

I just think he should know what he's in for. All this time that we've heard Berman and Kornheiser crushing on him, he's been playing. He might not even know about it.

As to how Favre would do as a commentator, though, I'm not sure that I'm as optimistic as Norby. I've never heard a Brett Favre press conference and thought, "This guy's an absolute natural for a career on television." I wouldn't go so far as to predict failure, but I've never thought of Favre as terribly funny or dynamic, either.

But that's just me, and I think I'm more burned out on Favre than most people. Ninety percent of the general football-loving population still reveres him, and would hang on every word coming out of his mouth.

It's just hard to predict how a guy will do on television. Some people get in front of the cameras and feel perfectly at home. Some never seem to find a comfort zone. I don't know where Brett would land in there.

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