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As I watched this, I thought to myself, "This is pretty boring." And then I realized that I'll be watching about 8 hours of this on Saturday. And I've been pretty excited about it for a month now.

Among the highlights:

• Tony Sparano makes it clear that Jake Long's going to be playing left tackle. There were some questions about whether or not he was better suited for right tackle, but that's evidently not where the Dolphins see him contributing.

• It looked as if Jake Long had been coached to not answer the right/left tackle question, as he looked over to Sparano the second it was asked with

• It seems as if the official 2008 draft hats have a mesh back. Our nation's truckers will be pleased.

• Sparano has the most pronounced Pittsburgh accent that I've ever heard on a guy that wasn't actually born in Pittsburgh.

• That last question, if you didn't catch it, was somebody asking if Jake would like to block for Chad Henne in Miami. He said it would be fun. It certainly sounds fun.

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Shutdown Corner

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