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I'm still waiting to hear from the Guinness Book of World Records regarding the actual title of this video clip, but if the guys from Dude Perfect claim this hail mary off the third deck of Texas A&M's football stadium down to the field below is the "World's Longest Basketball Shot," so be it. These dudes are professionals.

What's that you say — looks digitally doctored? I don't know. The basketball never leaves the frame, it takes the right looking bounce (considering how flat it is), and their reaction appears genuine, especially if you guess this took 50 or so attempts to successfully pull off like I do.

But hey, if you're still not convinced, Debbie Doubter, here's a second reverse-angle shot from the field.

Real or fake, it doesn't matter, because Dude Perfect is filming and uploading these videos for a good cause. For every 100,000 views their Summer Camp edition clip receives, the guys will sponsor an impoverished child through an organization called Compassion International.

So visit Dude Perfect, watch the videos and help do some good in this world.

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Ball Don't Lie

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