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Taiwanese animation studio NMA has reached impressive levels of Internet fame on the strength of its totally whackadoodle animations of news stories. It put out a particularly crazy one about the NBA lockout in mid-October, and Tuesday it weighed in on NFL player Ndamakong Suh's penchant for roaring like a lion and tearing opponents limb from limb. It is artist and genius.

For the most part, though, NMA is not known for the strength of its news coverage. Yet, with the lockout now a few votes away from ending, NMA has produced one of the best recaps of the NBA lockout imaginable. Even if you had been in a coma since July 1, this video would explain the key issues and general structure of the lockout quite well. You would only have to realize that Michael Jordan and other owners did not shovel water out of their sinking boats, or that they did not celebrate their victory at a strip club. That last one was just an educated guess.

The general concept here is absolutely correct: that the owners, facing a fight between the interests of small and large markets, instead decided to take billions from the players' union in salary over the next decade. It's the underlying principle of the lockout, but few media outlets have been willing to express it so plainly. The animation is goofy, yes. Still, NMA's recap is about as good as any you're likely to see this week.

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Ball Don't Lie

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