Ball Don't Lie - NBA

No, not really.

But the big news out of E3 in Los Angeles this morning is that Kobe Bryant(notes) will be featured on the cover of 2K Sports' basketball video game NBA 2K10 — in Lakers' purple and gold, of course — and the pose he ultimately strikes will be up to you, the fans, to decide.

There are four covers to choose from (gracias, FirstCuts), including the personal favorite of die-hard New Yorker Spike Lee: Kobe "doin' work" in a No. 17 Knicks uniform. Though, actual votes for that one probably won't count, so you can stop clearing your Internet browser's cookies, Mike D'Antoni.

An exclusive 30-second television commercial, starring Spike, will air during the NBA Countdown pre-game show for Game 1 of the NBA Finals between Bryant's Lakers and the Orlando Magic tonight.

Here are a few screen grabs of the spot to give you a feel for what it will look like:



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Ball Don't Lie

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