Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Kevin Garnett reacts after being told the Celtics' next breakfast menu. Um, or not. Best caption wins intense maple syrup and passionate strawberries. Best of luck out there.

After the jump, Jerry West and Mitch Kupchak do their best Abbott and Costello.

Winner, antonio banderas:

West: Who's that kid coming up in the draft? I want to make a deal. The guard from USC?
Mitch: Mayo, sir.
West: We'll get to lunch later, Mitch. The kid's name.
Mitch: Mayo, sir.
West: If you're so persistent, I like mustard better.
Mitch: Well, sir, you never know what can occur.
West: Okur? No, the kid from USC!
Mitch: Mayo.
West: Ketchup! Lemonade! Please!
Mitch: Mayo, sir.
West: Ketchup!
Mitch: Boss, I never know what does occur with you …
West: Keep Okur in Utah! We have Pau … er, until Andrew Bynum gets back.
Mitch: How much power, sir?
West: What? … Enough to keep Okur in Utah.
Mitch: I don’t know what will occur, sir.
West: (sigh)

Runner-up, mark i:
West: "You heard me. Clean out your desk, buddy. The Logo's pulling the ol' Riley/Van Gundy. I'm BACK, baby!"

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Ball Don't Lie

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