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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest episode of "That's Just Manny Being Manny!"

In this edition, witness Manny Ramirez's latest controversy as a report in the Providence Journal says he pushed Boston's traveling secretary, Jack McCormick, to the ground after a dispute over his request for 16 tickets in Houston.

Key plot points include the situation escalating with Manny's quick temper ("Just do your job!" he reportedly said), the two being separated by the ever-present "onlookers" and the closed-door apology from Ramirez to McCormick, a mea culpa the Red Sox hope will solve everything until the next installment of TJMBM. 

Post-show discussion opportunities include, "Other than a difference of 505 career homers, how was this attack different from Shawn Chacon's tussle with Ed Wade?" and "Just what would it take for a future Hall of Famer to get bounced from his team?" 

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