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Spring-training deadline or not, there are still a lot of things that need to happen before we see the strange sight of Albert Pujols(notes) in something other than a St. Louis Cardinals uniform.

Thankfully, that didn't stop JoeSportsFan's Matt Sebek from jumping into action during this weekend's events and creating this teary and Sarah McLachlan-soundtracked remembrance of all the times that Pujols has said he doesn't want to play wearing any other jersey. 

From 590 The Fan:

I have to say this is pretty genius stuff from Mr. Sebek. If he waits until Pujols has signed elsewhere — aka the worst day in St. Louis sports history — this is just a stock sayonara video on the Internet, albeit an extremely well-produced one. 

Now, though? It's about the best and perhaps the only leverage that Cards chairman Bill DeWitt can drag into these upcoming talks with Pujols and his agent. After all, a good guy like Pujols wouldn't want to abandon all those sad Cardinals fans (see below) like they're a bunch of homeless animals.

Would he?

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