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This mascot falling off a dugout video was funny enough when Slanch Report first posted it.

Then Deadspin added Technotronic to the visuals and an all-time classic video was born.

I've already laughed at this more than the stomping grape lady and I'm glad to know that it's OK because this wolfie berzerker mascot turned out to be OK.  

From the Reno Aces YouTube page:

"The Reno Aces, Triple-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, played an exhibition game against the University of Nevada at Aces Ballpark to kick-off the 2010 season. Between innings, the Aces mascot, Archie, and University of Nevada mascot, Wolfie, danced atop the dugout for fans. Wolfie started his dance atop the dugout. He finished his dance inside of it."

Honestly, this works on so many levels. I'm going to be talking about this all weekend.

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Big League Stew

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