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Let's all take a minute to chuckle at the Giants. They signed Barry Zito for $126 million and all they got was this crappy collection of photos taken after the lefty was shell-shocked this season ...   

There are no disappointed reax shots in the AP photo library for Sunday's 10-1 loss to the Reds, so I'm going to assume the photo editor figured they were all stocked and told his photographer to take some pictures of rarer shots around AT&T Park. Like people wearing windbreakers or hippies in kayaks

In related news, there's already talk that Barry Zito could be scratched from his next start and moved to the bullpen in an attempt to shake things up. At $18 million per season, that'd make Zito the most expensive reliever in the game, beating out Mariano Rivera by three — 3! — large (as in million).

But since Zito is only the third pitcher* to go 0-6 in his first six starts (edit) in April, perhaps this will be for the better, at least for his record. Unlike giving up six runs in the first and getting pulled after three innings, it's actually possible to earn a win after getting blasted in just one inning of relief.

*Mike Maroth in 2003 and Dave Stewart in 1984 are the two others. 

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