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Most weekday evenings, the Stew looks at a few approaching games that will be worth monitoring and mixes it with some light baseball reading. Discuss the night's happenings in the comments below.

Jay Bruce(notes) apologized on Tuesday and said he momentarily forgot where he was after offering up his double-barreled salute in front of TV cameras during Monday's win over the Marlins.

Despite Bruce probably needing a reminder that he's no longer in Louisville, Dusty Baker says he won't fine him for the incident. Cincinnati Enquirer

Reds at Marlins, 7:10 ET Bronson Arroyo(notes) gets the start for Cincinnati tonight and he's been as good as they come. Dating back to last July 10, he has an ERA of 2.08. 

• It doesn't look like Philly and Pedro are going to be reuniting any time soon. Fanhouse

• The Angels started their day in about the worst way imaginable. A man jumped  to his death off the New York hotel they're staying at and a few players actually witnessed it. NYDN

Rays at Orioles, 7:05 If Baltimore is a young team on the rise, its home fans have yet to see it. They're 0-4 at Camden Yards and 1-6 overall.

• Not willing to be outdone by the White Sox, two Cubs fans were caught cavorting in a bathroom stall during Monday's opening day. There's video, too. The Slanch Report

Mets at Rockies, 8:40 Does John Maine's(notes) shoulder make creaky sounds when it throws a baseball? I can only assume that it does. 

White Sox at Blue Jays, 7:07 Maybe Toronto shouldn't jeer Alex Rios(notes) in tonight's game. Despite the chants of Jays fans, he went 3-for-5 in Monday night's game. 

• "You couldn't pull a greased tee out of my behind with a pair of pliers" is one Hawk Harrelsonism that I really hope doesn't catch on. Mouthpiece Sports

• In defense of Tampa Bay's cowbells. Red Sox Monster

Pirates at Giants, 10:15 San Francisco and Philadelphia are tied for the best start in the NL. Is it bad form to mention that both have played schedules heavy with Bucs, 'Stros and Nats?

Question of the Night: Can Jason Heyward lay off breaking balls in the dirt?

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Keep it short

Yankees 7, Angels 5: Hideki Matsui(notes) got a fake ring while our man Curtis Granderson(notes) got a little help in the on-deck circle from @marthastewart

Tigers 6, Royals 5: Bet these are selling well in Kansas City these days. 

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