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If some of the Florida Marlins remember what happened to Chris Coghlan(notes) during a postgame celebration a mere 12 months ago, it sure didn't stop them from going after slugger Mike Stanton(notes) on Wednesday night.

After beating the Phillies with a home run in the 10th inning Wednesday night, Stanton faced an even greater challenge than Coghlan's: Eluding four waves of teammates who were trying to dump ice water on his head and pie his face with shaving cream as he tried to conduct a postgame interview on television.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post found the whole thing bothersome:

Kudos to [broadcasters] Tommy Hutton and Rich Waltz for reminding Stanton about Coghlan's injury (last July) during the interview last night. Not that it mattered.

"Just make sure nobody hurts their knee, OK?" Hutton said after Logan Morrison(notes) rushed Stanton and tried to dump a Gatorado cooler on his head. Stanton eluded him with a football move and almost ran into a bat boy.

A few seconds later, Hanley Ramirez(notes) tried to pie him. Hanley missed and nearly tackled Stanton to the ground.

"All I know is, Chris Coghlan is on the disabled list," Waltz chimed in.

"I know," Stanton replied, "for similar activities…"

Moments later, Emilio Bonifacio(notes) tried and, like Hanley, failed to pie Stanton.

Man, no wonder the Marlins have fallen so far under .500 — they can't hit a darn thing.

Having defeated their gauntlet, Stanton decided to submit and let Brett Hayes(notes) pie him in the face, ending the drama. Stanton laughed it off, and it was funny, and kind of amazing to see him avoid all of his teammates (especially with a bad eye).

But just letting it happen shouldn't be the lesson from Coghlan-Helms.

Danger! Marlins’ Stanton bombarded by teammates celebrating win

Capozzi worries he's coming off like a den mother, but he's 100 percent right to fret about repeating what happened to Coghlan in July 2010 when he tore up his knee trying to elude Wes Helms(notes) in a similar postgame celebration.

In the aftermath of losing Coghlan, then-manager Edwin Rodriguez banned the face pie party. But there's a new manager, Jack McKeon, and the players are taking advantage. Somebody should nudge ol' Jack in the ribs and see if he wants to put the pie ban back in place.

By god, sirs, we will not abide another knee.

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