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Since everyone had such a fun time with the splayed legs of Coco Crisp (I know, sick), I thought we'd have another go at the genre. The above is a picture of Atlanta first baseman Martin Prado and his willy-nilly popsicle sticks on Sunday. In between 'em is a Midwestern women who appears sort of conflicted about the whole experience.

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Coco's turn on C-a-C

"My average has to be down here somewhere" 

1st — The Layt Show.

Coco Crisp installs the new cameras for the home run instant replay system.

2nd— JerBear50.

Dude, don't let her in!! Tell her I'm not here! Dude, don't....Ahh hell!

3rd — Too much fantasy.

Orioles Bullpen Coach: "That right there is a five tenths deduction for not keeping your feet together. But he plays for Boston ... he'll probably still get the bronze."

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Big League Stew

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