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VIERA, Fla. — Jayson Werth(notes) may be the undisputed king of spring training facial hair, but that doesn't mean that Washington's Collin Balester(notes) hasn't been fielding his share of compliments over the mighty mustache he's sporting at Nationals camp.

The 23-year-old pitcher began growing his impressive lip warmer over the winter after betting Twins prospect Anthony Slama $500 that he could wear a mustache for longer period of time. And because Slama shaved off his 'stache before heading to Twins Fest, Balester won the bet and now has facial hair worthy of an extra on Deadwood.

"Now I'm just going to keep it going because I'm not ashamed of it or anything like that," Balester said after Monday's workout. "It went through the itchy stage but now it's fine."

And what about his wife? What does she think of it?

"She says she doesn't notice it," said Balester who can be found on Twitter @ballystar40. "But I don't believe her. I mean, it's a big patch of fur on my upper lip."

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