Cops called to party with Justin Bieber, Johnny Manziel and Floyd Mayweather

"I want to wake up with a week and not have my name going through something." - Johnny Manziel, June 27, 2014 ... yep, just last Friday

How would you go about keeping your name out of the spotlight for your off-field activities? How about this plan: Go to Justin Bieber's house for a party that also includes Floyd Mayweather and other celebrities, and have the cops come out twice to Bieb's crib on noise complaints.

Very stealth there, Johnny Football.

A few days after Manziel complained that his Browns teammates were sick of answering questions about his partying, and he was too, the rookie quarterback won a game of social media bingo by getting Bieber Fever and hanging out with the pop star and Mayweather in Beverly Hills.

Bieber put a couple pictures on his account.



TMZ said the party, also attended by recording artists Tyrese and Tyga and Bieber's maybe girlfriend Chantel Jeffries (Selena Gomez is furious, y'all), got so loud the Beverly Hills Police Department was called in twice early Tuesday morning. TMZ said the first time the cops came was because the music was too loud, the second time was because "packs of young girls" were screaming outside of Bieber's condo for him.

Ridiculous enough for you yet?

Look, if Johnny got the Bieber Fever and wanted to hang out with the pop star, cool. Good for him. But it's just not going to fly to play the "I can't go anywhere without people taking pictures!" card and then a few days later go party with Justin freaking Bieber, which is basically like giving TMZ a personal invitation to document your night out.

I still don't really care what Manziel does with his own time, but by this point he knows the consequences. If you go out and party at Bieber's place in Beverly Hills, there is about a zero percent chance that you're not going to draw a ton of attention for it. If that's what you want, that's fine. But don't act surprised when it happens.

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