Trindon Holliday drops the ball before he crosses the goal line, but officials don’t notice (VIDEO)

All scoring plays in the NFL are supposed to be reviewed upstairs. Apparently, the guys upstairs didn't look very hard at Trindon Holliday's punt return for the Broncos, because he let go of the ball before he crossed the goal line.

Like DeSean Jackson did years ago when he let go of the ball as he celebrated a touchdown against Dallas before he crossed the goal line, Holliday showboated a bit at the end of his punt return for a touchdown. He appeared to let go of the ball as he stepped in the end zone, except replays showed that he dropped the ball before he actually scored.

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The play should have been a touchback, with the Panthers taking possession. Instead, nobody seemed to notice before Matt Prater kicked the extra point.

The television producers did notice, because they showed the slow-motion replay right away, and it was pretty clear that Holliday got away with one.

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The Panthers had plenty of problems in a 36-14 loss, particularly in not being able to protect Cam Newton. But that 76-yard return touchdown by Holliday gave the Broncos an early 14-7 lead and was a big momentum shift. The Panthers probably would have preferred the replay officials would have seen what looks pretty obvious now.

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