Dallas Cowboys move up to get Morris Claiborne

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

A happy Dallas Cowboys war room traded with the St. Louis Rams to get the sixth overall pick. They used it to get LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne.

Here's what our reports had to say about the man Jerry Jones was so happy to draft:

It's important to note the difference between guys who don't tackle well and players who are afraid to be physical -- Claiborne doesn't shy away from contact and he has a cocky streak on the field that you like to see. He's an outstanding run fit player ... right up to the point where he has to bring a ballcarrier down. NFL coaches will teach him the right techniques, and tackling could then become more of an asset than a point of concern.

More than ever, the NFL is about redirection and redistribution of receivers at the line, especially with the increasing number of nickel defenses teams use as their base packages. With that in mind, Claiborne is a very valuable chip in this draft class, because he possesses almost every skill required to do that job on a play-to-play basis. He's a better than functional zone corner because he can jump routes and recover to stop short routes. Morris Claiborne doesn't come out of the box like Peterson did, but that's hardly an extreme negative. I still believe that Melvin Ingram is the best defender in this draft class, but Claiborne will be the highest-drafted defender because cornerbacks are so important these days.

Especially after he clears up a few technique issues, Claiborne should validate that selection and become one of the NFL's better press corners.

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