Woman suing Marlins after mascot 'shark attack'

Bob the Shark at Marlins Park. (AP)


Bob the Shark at Marlins Park. (AP)

In a world where 'Shark Week' is the most anticipated week of television every year, the 'Sharknado' franchise is now on its third television movie, and a shark is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch to Jeff "Shark" Samardzija, the following lawsuit only makes sense.

According to the Miami Herald, a fan who visited Marlins Park two years ago is now suing the Miami Marlins after alledgedly suffering neck and back injuries as a result of a “bite” from the team's shark mascot.

The fan, Beth Fedornak, was sitting three rows up from the field and watching the Marlins take on the San Diego Padres on June 29, 2013, when Bob the Shark approached her and pretended to bite her head. 

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Like many baseball teams do these days, the Miami Marlins feature an in-game race with giant mascots lumbering around the ballpark. Naturally, Miami's is called the Great Sea Race with Bob the Shark, Spike the Sea Dragon, Julio the Octopus and Angel the Stone Crab serving as the combatants.

The mascots also roam the ballpark, as Bob the Shark was that day two years ago, to interact with children and add to the family-friendly experience. The pretend head bite is all part of the usual routine to engage and excite the crowd, only this time the antics may have been too aggressive.

According to the lawsuit, Fedornak felt pain in her neck after the impact of the shark's head coming down on the top of her skull. The results of the encounter have allegedly caused Fedornak either permanent or continuing injuries in her neck and back, according to court documents, and have cost her more than $86,000 in medical expenses. Her ability to work has also been impaired, leaving her without a reliable source of income.

As a result, Fedornak and her attorney are suing the team on negligence and battery charges and seeking $15,000 in damages.

It's also noted that staff members at Marlins Park were notified after the initial incident, but the Marlins have yet to comment. 

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