Whee! Padres go tarp sliding in Philly

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Whee! Padres go tarp sliding in Philly
Whee! Padres go tarp sliding in Philly

Check out the length that Evereth Cabrera gets on his head-first tarp slide Tuesday night in Philadelphia. Much better than teammate Yasmani Grandal, who went first. Cabrera would have kept going, but he ran out of tarp. In curling, overshooting your mark would be bad, but in tarp sliding, it's bonus points!

When will this be named an Olympic event?

The guys on the Padres were just going for a "slip-n-slide" kind of fun moment, stripping down to their skivvies and getting wet at Citizens Bank Park. We get one of these a season, thereabouts — like in 2013 when Mike Moustakas and Alcides Escobar went sliding on the Kauffman Stadium tarp during a sleet storm in Kansas City.

Their antics bring back memories of Rick Dempsey, the Baltimore Orioles catcher, broadcaster and godfather of tarp sliding. Dempsey, of course, turned the whole thing into theater:

This is a re-enactment at County Stadium in 1983 of a famous home run Robin Yount hit against Jim Palmer the season before (I think). Please note, in addition to the No. 22 jersey, the orange underpants that Stewart wears to identify himself as Palmer, who posed a lot in his Jockey shorts for kicks.

Contemporary major league ballplayers wouldn't act like Dempsey and Sammy Stewart did in the 1980s out of fear of alienating their teammates or opponents, some of whom might cry about the lost "respect" for the game. Poppycock! Fiddlefaddle! Horse feathers! (Nonsense!)

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