‘Don’t Blame Steve’ says Chicago rapper Serengeti in great Bartman-based rap song

Are you like me? Have you waited nearly nine years for a Steve Bartman-based rap song that namechecks guys like Jeff Pico, Damon Berryhill and Dan Roan while also telling the tale of a super fan who believes the real reason the Cubs collapsed in the 2003 NLCS is because the team foolishly gave Andre Dawson's old number to Alex Gonzalez?

No? Well, you'll join me in my glee anyway after taking a listen to Serengeti's "Don't Blame Steve." As one of six tracks off his newly-released "Kenny Dennis EP," it may very well be the best thing to come out of this upcoming Cubs season.

The team collapsed/
eight runs in the eighth/
error, managerial/
and pitching mistakes/
they blamed it all on the fella/
to my left

Yeah, it's just awesome. If you're not familiar with Serengeti, you should probably find him on Spotify as soon as you're done reading this post. A Chicago native, he's often fond of slipping into his Kenny Dennis alter-ego, a sausage-eating, Fiero-driving Windy City stereotype from the mid-80s. If you're from Chicago, the sports references he drops on songs like "Dennehy" and "Ozzie Guillen" will leave you grinning before the rhyme even ends. (My favorite line is off "Guillen": "Dancing to Phil Collins/Loose by the hips/Like Willie Gault/normally I'm Steve Fuller").

But hey, even if you don't pick up and understand every detail, Serengeti's forays into being a meathead are enjoyable because they're just plain fun. As Jeff Weiss of Pitchfork writes in his review of the EP, Serengeti's effort in "Don't Blame Steve" is like "a game of RBI Baseball brought to life." Considering that Dennis idol "Hawk" Dawson was one of only three Cubs featured in the original NES game — and arguably the best player on any roster — that seems about right.

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