Who threw out the worst first pitch of all time? Let's have a vote

50 Cent, Baba Booey and Carly Rae Jepsen are among the contenders for worst first pitch. (Getty Images)
50 Cent, Baba Booey and Carly Rae Jepsen are among the contenders for worst first pitch. (Getty Images)

Did 50 Cent throw the worst first pitch of all time on Tuesday night? That was the belief of some, who watched the rapper horrendously and hilariously misfire before the New York Mets game.

We often get caught up in the moment, though, and want to call something the best or worst of all time without giving the past its proper examination. Thus, The Stew dug through the archives of horrible first pitches in order to bring you this poll, which should decide 50's place in first-pitch history.

Was his truly the worst? Worse than Mariah Carey's first pitch and Baba Booey's and Carly Rae Jepsen's and Carl Lewis'? Let's find out what you, the electorate, think.

Below are 10 horrible first pitches, starting with 50 Cent's. Check them all out, determine which you think is the worst and place your vote.

The rapper had enough distance, but his control was all bad. For someone who raps so much about guns, you'd think he'd have better aim.

* * *

The Washington Wizards guard redeemed himself a couple years later, but this is still one of the worst by a professional athlete.

* * *

Baba Booey — aka Gary Dell'Abate of The Howard Stern Show — ended up a lot like 50. His pitch flew in the wrong direction, and it happened at a Mets game. Many consider this the worst of all time before 50 Cent's.

* * *

The singer, known for her hit "Call Me Maybe," maybe needed to do some practicing before this first pitch. But at least it sort of went in the right direction.

* * *

Is it the shoes? It's gotta be the shoes.

* * *

All that Kardashian, all that first-pitch trainwreck.

* * *

This was so bad the umpire tossed him out of the game. Ouch.

* * *

Maybe pop stars just shouldn't throw out first pitches. Tiffany from Korean pop group Girls Generation is another good example.

* * *

Duuuuude, you're an Olympic hero. Lewis was right to want a mulligan.

* * *

The Lakers player calls himself Swaggy P. Ain't nothing swaggy about this. Has it even landed yet?

YOUR TURN: Who's the worst? That's a tough decision, but we want to hear from you. Leave your vote in the comments or on The Stew's Facebook page.

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