Carlos Gomez gives 2 hugs to adoring fan

David Brown
Big League Stew

What is it about Milwaukee Brewers slugger Carlos Gomez that brings out the emotional extremes in people?

Gomez looks sideways at a fly ball to center field and sends Gerrit Cole into a rage that helps clear the benches at PNC Park. Gomez signs a few autographs for kids at Miller Park and one of them breaks into tears in his presence as though she's found her long-lost brother. There's no middle ground, apparently, with Gomez.

Fox Sports Milwaukee took note Sunday when Gomez was signing among the kids and one of them, a young girl perhaps 11 or 12 years old, burst into tears when he came by. She waved and he reached out for a hug, saying — probably — that there was no crying in baseball so to cut it out! But it took one more hug from Gomez to calm her down. Plus, why settle for a single when you can go for two? Typical Gomez.

We're not sure if there's history between them (the Brewers didn't know for sure) but it doesn't matter. Some might say that Gomez is simply a polarizing figure because of his style, but there's a little more to him than that. Gomez has substance, too, knowing he plays the game not only for the money, or even for the competition, but also because people are drawn to watching him. Love him, or not.

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