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Tony Romo(notes), superstar quarterback of the most famous football team in the land, gets married to a former pageant queen in a gorgeous, expensive affair at one of the most exclusive locations in Dallas. Surely he spent his bachelor party living it up in an exotic location with bottles of Dom flowing like tap water in multiple villas that cost $20,000 a night. Right?

Let's have Romo explain what he and his 14 (or 15) closest friends did during the pre-wedding party in West Virginia. From an interview with Graham Bensinger:

1. Fourteen guys at a bachelor party with no beer and nobody thought to bring anything to do on a quiet night? How were they planning on spending the time? Did Romo forget to bring Scattergories?

2. Tony, much like on the football field, your first instinct is usually the right one. It looked like you wanted no part of answering that question because you realized the mocking that would soon follow. Go with that feeling next time someone asks you a potentially embarrassing question like, "What pet names does your newlywed bride have for you?" Give a quick chuckle, a friendly "no comment" and turn the attention to something -- anything -- else.

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3. How is hide-and-seek unike the Super Bowl? Tony Romo wins sometimes.

4. Who decided a night of a bachelor party, a bachelor party in West Virginia, mind you, would be dry? I'm guessing not too many Cowboys were at the festivities because there's no way Dez Bryant(notes) would have stood for that nonsense.

5. Romo successfully hid for 35 minutes? What's your take, fake Jon Gruden? "That guy's escapability is stupendous!"

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