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Tom Coughlin might be 62-years old, but he's still showing some of the speed that made him a featured receiver when he played college football at Syracuse in the late 1960s. During a blocked field goal which was returned for a Giants touchdown on the final play of the first half today, Coughlin ran down the field at top speed to stay with the play. When Kevin Dockery reached the endzone, cutting New York's halftime deficit to 10-7, Coughlin punctuated his run with a hearty, Rocky III-esque fist pump into the air.

In all, Coughlin ran about 40 yards on the play, showing more life than Eagles tight end L.J. Smith, who all but gave up on chasing Dockery after half-heartedly trailing him down the field. For a few steps, Coughlin was actually running on the field, but he managed to get back to the sidelines before ending his celebration.

There was about a five-yard stretch where Coughlin was high-stepping like Renaldo Nehemiah. Who knows, if another Giants receiver gets into trouble with the law, maybe Coughlin can insert himself in the lineup. He looks about as quick as Amani Toomer does these days.

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