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Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 9

See Sunday's five most valuable players here.

Ryan Clark(notes), Safety, Pittsburgh Steelers. On the deciding play in the Ravens-Steelers thriller, Clark let Torrey Smith get behind him in the end zone. I'm assuming his responsibility on that play is the deep right portion of the field, and it's a situation where a field goal is meaningless, so shouldn't the extreme emphasis have been on deep there? All credit to Torrey Smith(notes), and maybe he got away with a push-off, too, but I would think that Clark should be deeper than the deepest man on that play.

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Tarvaris Jackson(notes), Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks. The only guy on Sunday who had a quarterback rating inferior to Tarvaris Jackson's was the punter who executed this graceful motion. To Jackson's credit, though, he at least knows that he played poorly.

"I feel very sick about how I played today," Jackson said.

The Seahawks actually went into the half tied with the Cowboys, but it's hard to maintain that sort of thing when you're throwing three interceptions in the second half, including one on a pass that he meant to throw away. Again, credit Jackson for the thought -- that's what he's supposed to do -- but he needs to get better at throwing the ball away. And pretty much everything else.

Matt Cassel(notes), Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins were all over Cassel on Sunday, taking a huge lead, and then teeing off on him when they knew the Chiefs had to throw. Cassel rarely had a chance to set his feet. He was sacked five times, and running for his life much more often than that. He completed just 20 of his 39 attempts on the day, and this was against the Dolphins, who are not pass defense specialists. A "great googly moogly" kind of day for the Chiefs.

Run Defense, Cleveland Browns. One way to say it is that Arian Foster(notes) and Ben Tate(notes) shared the workload on Sunday against the Browns. Another way to say it would be that they took turns feasting on the Browns' carcass. Foster had 124 yards on 19 carries, and Tate finished with 115 on 12. Each had a rushing touchdown, as did Matt Schaub(notes). The Browns were beaten at the line of scrimmage and housed downfield -- watch Jacoby Jones own Joe Haden here.

Run Offense, Cleveland Browns. If it means anything to Browns defenders, at least they won't be alone in getting reamed out on film day. Their counterparts on the other side of the line were just as bad. On 21 running plays, the Browns gained 44 yards. Injuries hurt, of course -- Montario Hardesty(notes) was out, and Peyton Hillis(notes), I don't know, whatever's wrong with Peyton Hillis. That left things to Chris Ogbonnaya(notes) and Thomas Clayton(notes), whom you may have heard of if you work for the Cleveland Browns, or are in a 96-team fantasy league.

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