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  • Pittsburgh Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter reportedly will plead guilty to a reduced charge following an incident with a bar bouncer and a police officer following the team’s wild-card victory over the Miami Dolphins last month.

    The Associated Press is reporting that Porter will plead guilty to citations for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness on Tuesday after he allegedly grabbed an officer’s wrists outside a Pittsburgh area bar following an argument with a bouncer who denied him entrance back on Jan. 8.

    The Steelers had defeated the Dolphins, 30-12, the day of the alleged incident.

    Porter had initially been charged with aggravated assault and other more serious charges, but the district attorney reviewed the surveillance tape and determined that charges should be reduced. The police union, however, has said that the initial charges were warranted.

    Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter, right, could be disciplined by the NFL after his January incident. (AP)

    The team placed Porter, a longtime player with the Steelers who has been on the team’s coaching staff for three seasons, on leave the following day before later reinstating him prior to the divisional-round win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Porter could be charged with up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine, although it’s unlikely he serves jail time. However, the NFL has investigated the matter and Porter could be suspended under the terms of the Personal Conduct Policy, which applies to coaches as well as players. Traditionally, coaches have been treated with an even heavier hand by the league than players in conduct matters.

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  • Julius Thomas has reportedly been traded from Jacksonville to Miami. (AP)

    A couple of days ago, reports began to circulate that the Miami Dolphins would be releasing offensive tackle Branden Albert. But as happens in situations like this, another team stepped forward, interested in acquiring Albert rather than take its chances via the waiver wire.

    Oddly enough, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dolphins haven’t yet agreed on a deal to send Albert to northern Florida – but their discussions have yielded a different trade: Jacksonville is sending tight end Julius Thomas, a big free-agent signing in 2015, to the Dolphins. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports Miami will send a late-round pick in this year’s draft to Jacksonville in the deal.

    The move is not official until March 9, the first day of the new league year.

    The trade means Thomas will be reunited with Adam Gase. Gase, now the Dolphins head coach, was the Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator in 2013-14, the only two years Thomas was a Pro Bowler. Over those two seasons, Thomas recorded 108 catches for 1,277 yards and 24 touchdowns.

  • The gloves are off in the divorce case between Denver Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders and his soon-to-be ex-wife, and she might even get him in trouble at his job.

    According to TMZ, among the claims by Gabriella Sanders is that her husband told the Broncos he had to skip practice last November to be in Houston for the birth of his child, but it “was a a lie so he could go out partying.”

    Sanders did miss practice last Nov. 21, the Monday after the team’s bye week, and the Broncos said then it was due to the pending birth of his child. It’s possible, after seeing the nasty claims made public by TMZ (which said the court docs were “angry”), that Sanders’ wife said he lied to the team just to cause an issue with the Broncos. It seems like it would be relatively easy to figure out if Sanders was or wasn’t there for the birth of his child. The team had no comment to the Denver Post or TMZ.

    Sanders’ wife also claimed he committed adultery with numerous women and spent “thousands upon thousands of dollars on girlfriends” including buying one a car, according to TMZ. Gabriella Sanders filed for divorce last October, TMZ said.

    The Broncos are unlikely to care what Sanders spends his money on, or even if he’s getting a divorce. But they might have a question or two for him about that practice he missed.

    Emmanuel Sanders’ wife has filed for divorce. (AP)

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  • Jared Odrick was cut by the Jaguars on Monday. (AP)

    It can’t be fun to get fired from a job that pays $6.5 million a year, especially a few weeks before a $2 million bonus kicks in, but Jared Odrick didn’t let it bother him.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars cut the veteran defensive end on Monday. He signed a five-year, $42 million deal with the Jaguars in 2015 and like many NFL deals, it kind of ran its course. The Jaguars could save $8.5 million on the cap by cutting Odrick, so they did.

    That’s one way to ruin a vacation to Cabarete Beach in the Dominican Republic, which is where Odrick said he was when he got the call that he was cut. But he posted this smiling picture of himself getting the news to Instagram with the caption, “This is me getting released by the @Jaguars.”

    This is me getting released by the @Jaguars

    A post shared by Jared Odrick (@maxbaer75) on Feb 20, 2017 at 11:17am PST

    Doesn’t look like he’s too depressed about it.

    This is just life in the NFL. Contracts are meant to be broken, and it’s usually not a big surprise when it happens. Odrick is just 29 and he will probably get a new job soon, even if he doesn’t find one that pays him $6.5 million in base salary, which is what he was slated to make in 2017, 2018 and 2019 from Jacksonville.

    Until then, he’ll probably keep enjoying his tropical trip.

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  • Jake Plummer is promoting new software that he hopes can make football playbooks more easily understandable. (AP)

    Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer is involved with a project that can help make the sometimes complicated language of football more easily understood.

    According to, Plummer is involved with ReadyList PRO — a resource that he thinks could be the Rosetta Stone of football terminology.

    “There had to be a better way to digest a four-inch playbook,” Plummer told the site.

    Plummer, who played 10 years with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos from 1997 to 2006, and co-founder Chad Friehauf, a former quarterback at Colorado School of Mines in the early 2000s, wanted to provide a quicker, more efficient way for football players to absorb voluminous playbooks, sometimes in very short time spans. Certainly for NFL players who sign with new teams during the season, studying massive new playbooks could be troublesome endeavors. But having a resource to speed up the learning process might be beneficial to high-school and college players who are struggling to understand complex football concepts and lexicon.

    The software can be used on almost any device — phone, tablet, laptop, etc. — and can work as acts as both an interactive football playbook and a coaching tool to test players’ understanding of plays. Practice and game film can be uploaded onto the cloud-based software and studied anywhere away from the team facility.

    “It can help a lot of these players compete at a higher level, play faster and hold them accountable because the coaches know who are the ones taking the time to study the playbook and get better,” Plummer said.

    Although they have not built up a client list that includes NFL teams yet, that’s the goal for Plummer and Friehauf. And if it proves to be useful in testing, it might not be long before that happens.

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  • We try not to read into nebulous social media posts too much this time of year because, well, they can be a little misleading. But it’s hard not to read what Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon wrote on Instagram and wonder what he meant.


    A post shared by Pierre Garcon (@pierregarcon) on Feb 20, 2017 at 5:29am PST

    Garcon, coming off a big season, is set to hit free agency in a few weeks. The Redskins have a lot of pending free agents and likely can’t or won’t keep them all. He might be turning 31 during training camp, but Garcon caught 79 passes for 1,041 yards last season and surely still has some very good value to some team out there.

    The Redskins’ most important free-agent decision is what to do with quarterback Kirk Cousins. He was franchised last season and would be due more than $24 million this season if he’s tagged again. After that, wide recevier DeSean Jackson also is sure to command a lot of attention and is expected to test the market. Could the Redskins allow both Jackson and Garcon walk? That would feel like a large risk to take with so few reliable option after them.

    Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon, left, issued a vague Instagram post about his future. (AP)

    Garcon quietly has been a huge piece of the offensive puzzle the past few seasons and hasn’t missed a game the past four seasons. He’s tough, productive and pretty sure-handed. Garcon also made $8 million last season and could seek a raise. Would the Redskins be willing to give it to him?

    There could be plenty of teams vying for his services. The Los Angeles Rams might be one, with receiver looming as a large need and new head coach Sean McVay, who spent the past few seasons with the Redskins, quite familiar with Garcon’s ability. Another could be the San Francisco 49ers, whose own new head coach, Kyle Shanahan, coached Garcon with the Redskins in 2012 and 2013.

    Garcon’s latest dispatch suggests there’s uncertainty, or at the very least a willingness for him to explore the market to see what his value might be. The Redskins have a lot going on right now as free agency looms, and there are few clear answers.

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  • TMZ released a video over the weekend of two unconscious men, saying it was video of the aftermath of the altercation that led to New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis being charged with four felonies in Pittsburgh.

    The video seems to be a positive for Revis’ lawyers though, because they believe it helps them show their client is innocent.

    The voice on the video – it’s a short clip, and whoever is speaking is not shown – brags about knocking both men out and he tells someone, “Shut up before I knock your [expletive] out next.” Revis’ lawyers claim the voice isn’t of the Jets cornerback.

    “Darrelle Revis absolutely, categorically and positively did not knock out anyone, did not conspire with anyone to commit an assault, did not say ‘shut up before I knock your [expletive] out next’ and surely did not ‘rob’ another of a cell phone,” Revis’ attorneys Robert DelGreco Jr. and Mark Fiorilli said in a statement, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The voice and admissions made on the video are not that of Darrelle Revis. We have no doubt but that further investigation relative to the clothing and voice verification will corroborate the above assertions.”

    Just because someone is bragging about doing something doesn’t mean he did it, and the lawyers will have to prove that the voice on the video doesn’t belong to Revis. But this is clearly going to be a big part of their defense, based on the statement.

    Revis turned himself in last week after being charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor. He was released on bond. The case comes at a bad time, as far as his NFL career is concerned, because Revis’ play slipped last season and the Jets were already reportedly considering cutting him. The Jets are figuring out if they can recoup the final $6 million in guaranteed money due to Revis if they cut him, the New York Daily News said. Revis is due a $2 million roster bonus on March 10, the second day of the league year, and a decision on his future will likely be made by then.

    Revis has bigger issues than football at the moment, but his lawyers seem to think the video that was made public last weekend will help his case.

    Darrelle Revis was charged with four felonies after an alleged altercation in Pittsburgh. (AP)

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  • Aaron Hernandez, pictured in court on Feb. 14 as jury selection began in his double murder trial. (AP)

    If you only casually follow the New England Patriots in the Boston area, you can get your stories mixed up.

    Like, thinking former New England Patriots tight end and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez was involved in deflate-gate.

    A juror candidate in Hernandez’s double murder case drew a chuckle when she said she didn’t know much about the Hernandez case but remembered her co-workers discussing his involvement in deflate-gate, according to the Boston Globe. Deflate-gate, an overblown controversy about the Patriots perhaps deflating footballs, happened a year-and-a-half after Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder.

    “Deflate-gate has nothing to do with this case at all,” Suffolk Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke said, according to the Globe.

    The Globe said Hernandez and his lawyers got a laugh over the mix-up. The woman was excused from jury duty.

    Hernandez is already serving a life sentence after he was convicted for the 2013 murder of acquaintance Odin Lloyd. Hernandez is preparing for a new trial, for the drive-by shootings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in downtown Boston in 2012. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty.

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  • Trent Richardson’s football career is all but over, and now he’s having problems off the field too.

    Richardson, the former first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns who was later traded to the Indianapolis Colts, was arrested in Hoover, Ala. on Thursday on a domestic violence charge according to

    According to’s report, two calls were placed to authorities when yelling was heard from a hotel room. Officers found Richardson and a female in the room, and officers determined they had been arguing earlier in the night. Hoover police Capt. Gregg Rector told that at some point the argument allegedly got physical and the female suffered scratches and bruises to her faces.

    Trent Richardson was arrested on Thursday. (AP) said Richardson was arrested “without incident” and charged with third-degree domestic violence and was booked in Hoover City Jail with a bond of $1,000.

    Richardson was probably done in the NFL anyway, but the arrest likely seals it. Richardson, the third pick of the 2012 draft who averaged just 3.3 yards per carry with the Browns and Colts, was cut early last August by the Baltimore Ravens. He had been attempting a comeback, got in shape but didn’t even make it to any preseason games with the Ravens.

    Richardson hasn’t played a regular-season game since 2014 and it’s very hard to believe he will again, especially after his recent legal trouble.

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  • Michael Floyd was sentenced to 120 days in an Arizona jail this week after pleading guilty to DUI. (AP)

    Former first-round draft pick Michael Floyd pleaded guilty to extreme DUI in an Arizona court on Thursday.

    As a result, Floyd was sentenced to 120 days in jail, fined over $5,000 and commanded to do 30 hours of community service, according to Jonathan Roy of Phoenix’s Fox 10. Floyd will spend 24 days in the Maricopa County jail, and the remaining time in home confinement. The other six charges he was facing were dropped.

    Under Arizona law, individuals with a blood-alcohol level over .20 are charged with “super-extreme DUI”, which carries a minimum 45-day jail sentence for first-time offenders.

    Floyd, who is set to become a free agent next month, is almost certainly also facing suspension from the NFL for his guilty plea.

    It’s been quite an eventful few months for receiver Floyd: he was arrested for driving under the influence in Scottsdale, Ariz. in the early morning of Dec. 12, found passed out behind the wheel of his car in the city just hours after he returned from Miami with the Arizona Cardinals, who had played the Dolphins the day before.

    The Cardinals released Floyd after the arrest, and he was claimed off waivers by the New England Patriots, who took a gamble on Floyd for the last few weeks of the season and playoffs. The move worked out, at least for Floyd: he played in three games, and though he was a healthy scratch for both the AFC Championship and Super Bowl LI, he will still get a ring for being part of a championship team.

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