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I went back and forth all day yesterday on whether or not I should mention Caitlin Davis, the young Patriots cheerleader who was fired after photos were found of her standing over a drunk person with a swastika, an anti-semetic reference, and about 82,000 penises drawn on them

I feel strongly that the drawing of penises is not a crime. It made Seth hate Becka, and it shouldn't go any farther than that.

But Chase mentioned it in a quality post yesterday, and it's on every other sports blog in the world, so why hold back comment now?

The whole incident highlights maybe my least favorite parts of the internet. First, the entire Facebook and MySpace phenomenon, where people have an absolutely bizarre urge to share the most intimate details of their personal lives on the web for anyone to see. I absolutely do not get that.

I love the idea that the internet connects us all, and lets us share ideas and thoughts and everything else, but I don't understand the need, which a lot of people have, to post everything about yourself on Facebook and say, "Here I am, world! Here's me in a variety of compromising positions! Enjoy!" 

And I hate how that leads to the whole "GOTCHA!" phenomenon that the internet is so fond of these days, in which a website like this one can stumble upon these pictures, and then use them to take apart your life. 

For instance, it may have been this girl's lifelong dream to be a Patriots cheerleader, and now that's been ripped away from her. And why? Because she, like everyone else these days, has some strange urge to share her life with everyone with a computer, and because someone else found these pictures and had no qualms about ruining her day.

It all feels so ... icky.

Really, at the end of the day, what's this girl guilty of? Potentially drawing some penises on a passed-out drunkard? My, she's probably the only person in the history of the world to do that! 

Come on, she's 18 and in college. This is what college students do. In whatever dorm that happened in, I guarantee you that drawing on that person did not crack the list of the Top 50 most irresponsible things done in the dorm that night.

In all likelihood, she did little or nothing wrong, except fail to protect her photographs. And now she's paying a serious price for it. I feel bad for her.

Let me make this clear, too: I don't blame the Patriots for firing her. There's a swastika drawn out on the drunkard in question, and even if Caitlin didn't see it, you can't have that image associated with your football team. Bob Kraft sponsors the Israeli Football League. My guess is that he's not tolerating too many swastikas in the organization.

It's a sad story. No one wins when the world is deprived of this.

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