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Oh, you know, just a picture of Juwan Howard(notes) sharing a microphone with Shammond Williams while wearing Santa hats and reading a Christmas tale. Why? Because it's the beginning of August and the most recent NBA pictures are from when Kobe Bryant(notes) went to China and we've already riffed on those. Ergo, Christmas in August, just like that one movie but not really. Best captions wins bananahands. Good luck.

Previously, a wolf doesn't know how cameras work.

Winner, phil: "The Wolf: You see that, young lady? Respect. Respect for one's elders gives character.
Raquel: I have character.
The Wolf: Just because you are a character doesn't mean that you have character.
Boy: Mommm. She's quoting Pulp Fiction againnn."

Runner-up, Kayz: "My, what numerous point guards you have"

Second runner-up, Master Seuss: "Children: Oh Crunch, What a big T-Wolves jersey you have.
Crunch: The better to be mascot in.
Children: What big eyes you have.
Crunch: The better to see the court with.
Children: What big paws you have.
Crunch: (Places paws on kids shoulders and scowls) the better to sign point guards and small forwards with!"

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Ball Don't Lie

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