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I don't know whether to applaud this loyal display of sword raising, or write an angry letter on behalf of the local boys and girls basketball club, but Cleveland radio station WMJI 105.7-FM is changing its name to "Cavs 105.7" during the Eastern Conference finals series.

Observant Michael Gallucci of Cleveland Scene's '64 and Counting blog points out that the station's current "Majic" tagline bears more than a little resemblance to a certain NBA team from the Orlando, FL area. Hence, the temporary switch and press release. Seriously:

"WMJI will NOT lend any credibility to the nickname of our hated rival in this round of the playoffs," said Keith Abrams, Program Director for WMJI. He continued, "Until the Cavs do away with Orlando, as they most certainly will, our radio station will remain a 'Majic free zone.' We will now be known as Cavs 105.7 in support of our Cleveland Cavaliers!"

What does this mean for loyal 105.7 listeners? Well, basically nothing. Playlists will still consist of songs by The Eagles, The Beach Boys and Foreigner, but — and this is a ridiculous but — the "Majic" boycott also includes removing references to the letter "M" in songs and artists that play on the station.

Yes, my friends, Fleetwood Mac is now "Fleetwood Cac," Marvin Gaye shall be introduced over the airwaves as "Carvin Gaye," and The Steve Miller Band is just good ol' "Steve."

And oh, absolutely no "Cinderella" by Firefall! That track hits a little too close to you know who's home.

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Ball Don't Lie

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