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I often like to brag about my mad Photoshop skills, but this new commercial that just started airing on MLB Network is really something to write home about. Entitled "All In One Place," the spot utilizes some great trick editing to make it appear like baseball superstars from past and present are all sharing one field at the network's home studios.

From MLB PR:

Jackie Robinson walks out of the dugout; Sandy Koufax shakes hands with Walter Johnson while George Brett and Bob Gibson look on; Josh Hamilton(notes) talks with Willie Stargell and Lou Gehrig; Albert Pujols(notes) and Pedro Martinez(notes) walk with Juan Marichal.

"All in One Place" was produced by MLB Network's Creative Services team, who researched one thousand hours of archive footage to find the best clips of each player to include.

The care definitely shows and it's way cool to see everyone sharing the same place while they look like they're in their primes. It might be the most impressive collection of multi-generational talent in one spot since the Hall of Inaccurate Presidents, really.

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