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GLENDALE, Ariz. — Never did I think my visit to White Sox camp would be marked by witnessing the first time in recorded history that Ozzie Guillen passed up a chance to talk to cameras and notepads.

And yet that's exactly what happened as Guillen emerged from a double set of doors at Camelback Ranch and walked silently past a group of reporters who had been waiting a half hour, leaving a Sox PR guy to say that Guillen didn't "feel like talking today."

What gives? Had hell officially frozen over?

Maybe not just yet, because you could pretty much feel the heat between the Guillen family and the White Sox organization on Friday.

The day started with a column in the Sun-Times about how the White Sox wanted Oney Guillen, Ozzie's middle son and a video scout technician with the team, to tone down the critical messages about the team that he was sending out on his @OneyRoberto Twitter account. 

It continued with Oney's resignation from the team in the late morning, followed by some tantrum-like tweets such as "Oh ---- we r getting beat. I'm sure someone cares" and "I hope the dorks aren't running the organization or else we're ------, 3 geeks who never played baseball a day in there life telling experts what to do."

It then ended — at least for now — with Guillen not talking to the media (he later apologized via Twitter), Ibis Guillen having a long talk with GM Kenny Williams outside the complex (presumably about her son) and everyone else left wondering if this South Side soap opera will somehow turn into a big Chicago fire.

For what it's worth, Guillen promised that "tomorrow is another day." But he also threw his full support behind his son and tweeted a message in Spanish that translated to "they touched me where it hurts me the most, but I have to be ready for what comes like I've always done." Williams, meanwhile, told the Sun-Times there was "no need for comment."

I have no idea where this all heads next, but I think it's silly for any trouble to start over something something as frivolous as Twitter. First, Oney should have recognized that his low role within the organization didn't give him clearance to publicly air such opinions about the team. Second, the White Sox should have recognized that someone with less than 300 followers before Friday wasn't swaying a substantial part of the organization.

But all rhyme and reason usually tends to abbreviated by the 140-character format and it'd be a shame if this further affects Ozzie's standing as White Sox manager in any way. Cooler heads have to prevail and I wonder if father ultimately knew best by keeping his mouth shut in an attempt to let this all blow over. Stay tuned.

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