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CHICAGO — Somebody accidentally broke the Harry Caray statue that stands beyond the Wrigley Field bleachers. 

And that somebody, of course, works for the Chicago Cubs.

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune reports that a ballpark worker, helping to prepare the 98-year-old stadium for a college football game, got a little careless while trying to drive around the 11-year-old statue of a Chicago broadcasting icon. The result was reparable, but ugly, damage.

The Liberty Bell-like crack goes straight through the inscription, "Dedicated by the Chicago Cubs, April 12, 1999," running through the "H" in "the" and the "L" in April.

Cubs spokesman Jason Carr said the damage occurred the week of Oct. 25 when one of the vehicles used in the ballpark makeover accidentally clipped the corner while going over the sidewalk, striking the base of the statue.

Carr said replacement granite has been ordered and the Cubs hope to have it fixed soon.

Liberty Bell-like crack? At least the U.S. won the American Revolution. The Cubs, well, you know. Here are some more shots of the damage, courtesy of yours truly:

Cubs management soon will ask the state of Illinois to float $300 million in bonds to pay for Wrigley Field renovations. Repairs for the statue ought to come from the pockets of Johnny Golf Cart, or whatever the name is of the worker who damaged Harry.

They don't make granite like they used to, apparently.

Harry was perfectly fine standing on the corner of Addison St. and Sheffield Avenue (beyond the right-field foul pole) when he was unveiled in 1999. He was never damaged there, unless you count the two times somebody hung a dead goat on him.

But the Cubs recently moved him to behind the center-field bleachers (at Sheffield and Waveland Ave.) to make way for a statue of Billy Williams. Harry always belonged by the bleachers, anyway.

This is the one part of the statue I dislike. It looks like the six people that Harry wrongly sent to hell — and hell lies somewhere between the press box and Harry's pants. Either that or it's a tribute to the Kuato reveal from "Total Recall."

Because we haven't covered this enough already, here's about 45 seconds of video:

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