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You know it has to be a slow week in August when the baseball world decides to choose sides between those who like Mark Teixeira's fielding and don't want to hear anything about UZR and those who think Teixeira's UZR — among other things — gives Minnesota's  Joe Mauer the edge in the AL MVP race. I suppose it's a fun time-wasting debate to have, though not as fun as seeing how worked up people are getting over it.

(There's still six weeks of the regular season to go, fellas.) 

Anyway have at it, amateur Internet copy editors. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Friday's C-a-C featuring a brave Bronson Arroyo(notes):

Bronson is fixing to be a lot better, man 

1st — joebitots. "Who's driving tonight? Screw it! It's party time!!"

2nd — Dayton Moore. "Whoooo, those Cambodian bulls balls really did the trick tonite!"

3rd — hm23. "And here's a little something for you. Trust me, you won't get busted"

HM — Baker. "Dude, the pill box said they were good for a no hitter. I didn't take enough!"

HM — Randy. "Don't get too excited man, I hear they're planning on sewing an asterisk on your jersey."

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