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Adam Jones robs Torii Hunter of homer, catches grief on Twitter

Nobody owns a better reputation for leaping at the outfield fence and stealing home runs than Torii Hunter(notes). In fact, the Los Angeles Angels media guide asserts that, coming into the season, Hunter had robbed opponents of home runs 36 times in his career.

Therefore, turnabout is fair play, right? Heck, no! At least not after Adam Jones(notes) of the Baltimore Orioles stole a home run from Hunter on Sunday afternoon.

Watch the Torii-like catch by Jones

Not only did Hunter playfully give Jones the business on the field for taking away a home run in the fourth inning, he kept up the semi-righteous indignation on Twitter after the Angels' 7-1 victory at the Big A:

Adam Jones robs Torii Hunter of homer, catches grief on Twitter

Granted, Jones might have brought some of it on himself — and not just with his own athleticism. Jones can be seen repeatedly telling Hunter "I got you!" shortly after the catch. Hunter just smiled back. At least on the outside.

Hunter is still capable of stealing home runs, he just has to do it in right field these days. Will Adam Jones dare go opposite field in order to challenge Hunter?

Hopefully, he does, and then they both talk about it on Twitter. These guys have been, and continue to be, great for the game.

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