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While the rest of the baseball world is paying attention to more important things like pennant races and a teen couple's 15 minutes of flighty fame, the New York chapter is going gaga over the travails of apprehended Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez.

And for good reason.

After all, it isn't every day that the pitcher that was signed to a three-year, $37 million contract before the 2009 season decides that his biggest Mets highlight will be a perp walk. When something like this happens, you better believe that every notepad and TV camera in each borough is going to be put to use.

So what's out there in the N.Y. tabs this morning?

• The New York Daily News reports that K-Rod became upset after his girlfriend's father questioned his manhood. "Stop acting like a baby," the father said, according to a NYDN source. "Man up and play better." K-Rod's mother then reportedly got into a screaming match with the man and the situation escalated from there.

• The New York Post recounts Rodriguez's troubled childhood — which was spent growing up in poverty in Venezuela — as well as some of his more notable pro run-ins.

•  In the same article, K-Rod's agent Paul Kinzer is quoted as saying, "It's just some personal issues that they had, and things got out of hand. He's not happy with what's happened, obviously."

• Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record says Mariano Rivera(notes) doesn't care for K-Rod much, once asking All-Star officials that his locker be placed nowhere near his.

• It sure sounded like Carlos Beltran(notes) didn't want to be supportive of Rodriguez, but the clubhouse code required him to couch his criticism just a little bit.

• Mets broadcasters faced a tough situation in analyzing the latest happenings, but SNY's Bob Ojeda didn't hold much back in criticizing those involved.

Then, of course, there was the news reported by every outlet that Rodriguez was placed on the restricted list for two games by the Mets and will forfeit $125,000 of salary. MLB won't add any additional suspension, which just seems all sorts of messed up to me.

I mean, Johnny Cueto(notes) gets a seven-game suspension for his kicking role in the Reds-Cardinals fight while someone who gets out of hand with an old man — in front of the wives and children of teammates — doesn't even get a third of that? There are obviously legal and player's union issues to deal with here, but a two-game timeout won't be close to sufficient if all the facts come back against him.  

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