• Tiger-Perez dust-up is why some pros stay quiet
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    Tiger-Perez dust-up is why some pros stay quiet

    PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Walk past the scoring area or across the range at PGA National, and you’ll hear the usual discussion fodder. Guys catching up, swapping stories, and sharing travel plans. But this week, there’s also the specter of two professionals not even in the field who have managed to spark a fair amount of chatter. Pat Perez spoke at length about the injured Tiger Woods during his radio show Tuesday evening, but the story didn’t gain traction until the opening round of the Honda Classic was well underway. It remained in the spotlight the following day, as Perez continued to seek opportunities to clarify his on-air remarks. There are several nuanced variables related to those specific

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    Freakishly warm February temps have America's golfers giddy

    Finally, the folks in the cold-weather states can rejoice in some early swings on the golf course. Unusually warm temperatures have golfers from all over — Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, New York and more — getting their clubs

  • Making the cut at the 2016 Honda Classic saved Jason Bohn's life

    Making the cut at the 2016 Honda Classic saved Jason Bohn's life

    PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Jason Bohn missed the cut at the Honda Classic on Friday, signed his card, and was ready to do all those things that golfers who miss the cut on the PGA Tour do on Fridays. Grab a shower. Get a quick bite. And get out of Dodge, dashing off to the airport to fly home. One year earlier, he’d actually made the Honda cut on the number, which would appear to be no big deal. He was nine shots behind the leader, after all, and nearly slipped outside the line when his approach to the haunting 17th landed right of a right-side flag on a hole guarded by water. Missing the cut, for Bohn, would have meant much more than a weekend off. It easily could have robbed him of all his