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Yipee-ki-yay, Mr. Tebow? Exec jokes about QB in ‘Die Hard 5′

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The fifth installment of "Die Hard," the greatest action franchise in movie history, -- nay, the greatest franchise in the history of anything -- will center around John McClane's attempts to break his son out of a Russian prison. The search has begun for who will play Bruce Willis' son in the upcoming film with Paul Dano ("There Will Be Blood"), Ben Foster ("3:10 to Yuma") and Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad") rumored for consideration. Another name was floated earlier in the week and stands head and flattop above the others: Timothy Richard Tebow.

Tom Rothman, CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, was on the Jim Rome radio show on Thursday when he brought up the name of the Denver Broncos quarterback as a potential casting choice.

"What do you think of Tebow in the lead?'' Rothman asked jokingly, even though one should never take Tebow's name in vain.

"He might be too nice," Rome replied. "But no one would work harder to make it work."

Tim Tebow wins national titles, is beloved by women and performs circumcisions at Filipino hospitals. You're telling me he can't crack one-liners on film with Bruce Willis while handling some wanna-be KGB thugs? His niceness would be a stark contrast to his world-weary, divorced New York Cop of a father. Conflict! Family tension! That's the recipe for movie magic, baby.

Some other pros and cons of Tebow's potential role?


-- The movie begins in January, which means Tebow should be free.

-- Shift from R to PG-13 rating jibes with Tebow's family-friendly image.

-- Opens the door for an homage to the "And the quarterback is toast" line from the original.

-- With the film set for Feb. 14, 2013 release, it would figure to be prominently advertised during that year's Super Bowl. Tebow has extensive SB commercial experience.


-- If 20th Century Fox is anything like John Fox, it will underestimate Tebow's abilities, go with someone else and then, five weeks later, after fan protests, realize that Tebow was a better option.

-- Instead of killing bad guy, Tebow will try to convert him through prayer.

-- Tebow could get blinded by sun if not allowed to wear eye black during shooting.

-- Not many opportunities to go shirtless while breaking out from a Russian prison.

-- Throwing mechanics could be harmful in any potential grenade fights.

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