Rex Ryan brings back tradition of New York Jets doing pushups for every penalty

Eric Edholm
September 24, 2013

The New York Jets soon could lead the league in biggest guns.

Reimplementing a (both mental and physical) training regimen, Jets head coach Rex Ryan will bring back his time-honored tradition of everyone — players, coaches, heck even owner Woody Johnson if he's there — of having everyone drop and give 10 pushups every time a penalty is called in practice.

“I challenge the entire organization to get behind it,” Ryan said. “I’m not saying our fans need to do the push-ups and all that. I’m not saying it, but if our fans want to get in there and help us, how much pressure is that? You’ve got your fans doing push-ups, too.”

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Even fans? Someone call Fireman Ed to get back on the bandwagon — that dude looked like he enjoyed a good round of chest-to-decks. Ryan has lost a lot of weight the past few years, but that could be a lot of pushups for a man his size and age.

Guessing this had a little something to do with Week 3's debacle against the Bills in which the Jets committed 20 penalties (!) and still won (!!). This quickly could turn practice into a better workout than Hip Hop Abs.

Ryan used the tactic in 2010, and periodically since. He's obviously hoping to avoid that kind of madness again. Here's a question to throw out there: Does it leak over into games? Heck, it works for Willie "Mays" Hayes, who did 20 every time he popped up in "Major League" and yet still was able to help lead the fictional Indians to the pennant.

But this could backfire, too. The Jets employ game officials at their practices to help with calls and game situations. And Lou Brown Ryan did say everyone, right? Those zebras might be a bit reticent to throw flags, otherwise they could be eating some serious turf.

Unless Ed Hochuli is spending a lot of time working Jets practices. Then he might make it rain yellow. Be warned.

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